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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bob Brinker Bullish at Top and at Bottom

Bob Brinker's Short-term market-timing calls since January 4th, 2008:

Bob Brinker was 100% bullish when the market topped in October, 2007 and he still is...

January 4, 2008 (S&P 1468.36) Marketimer, Bob Brinker said: “We expect the S&P 500 Index to achieve new record highs this year and to reach the 1600’s range…….attractive for purchase on any weakness in the S&P 500 Index mid-1400’s range.”
January 19, 2008, Moneytalk, Bob Brinker said that the stock market is going through a “rocky period in here,” and has declined about 15% on the S&P Index, which is “more than I expected.”
January 20, 2008, Brinker did away with the mid-1400's gift horse buying opportunity.
February 10, 2008, Brinker said the market was bottoming in the low-1300's and issued a new buy level:
"S&P 500 Index low 1,300s, or any minor weakness that occurs below that level."
April 6, 2008, Moneytalk, Brinker, in answer to his guest speaker’s direct question, “Are you still bullish," said that he thinks we are going to have “new record highs in the stock market by next year” but that a lot of people think he’s lost his mind. Brinker added: “We’ll see who wins out. I’m pretty confident of my forecast…..”

Pen-name Quis, asked an interesting question: "Anyhoo, Bob says it's no big deal the market is down 15%; we're not in a bear market. But what happens if the market goes sideways for the next two or three years and stays down between 1 and 19% from its high."

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