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Monday, May 10, 2010

Bob Brinker's Moneytalk Program Time Cut in Half

This news about Bob Brinker was posted Sunday May 9th at 4:21PM: NTS MediaOnline.

I was celebrating Mother's Day with my family, so only read the news this morning.

Bob Brinker Cuts His Mic Time in Half

"After hosting MoneyTalk every Saturday and Sunday for almost 25 years, Bob Brinker says it’s time for him to spend just a bit less time behind the microphone. Beginning June 6th, the Citadel Media syndicated financial talk show will move to a Sunday-only schedule, where it will continue to air in its familiar 4-7pm (ET) time slot. In a memo sent to MoneyTalk affiliates about the move, Citadel Media SVP Carl Anderson said, “We’re grateful for Bob’s dedication to the show and its affiliates through the years and proud that we will still be offering his insight on the economic factors shaping our country.” Along with his weekly Talk radio show, Brinker is also the publisher of Marketimer, his award-winning monthly investment newsletter."


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