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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bob Brinker's Marketimer Model Portfolio April Numbers

Bob Brinker's model portfolio performance for April have been calculated for us by Jeffchristie:
jeffchristie said...
The April numbers are in at Bob The recent rally has moved all three portfolios into the positive YTD.

Portfolio I

Value 31 Dec 2008 $171,451
Value 30 APR 20009 $177,269
Up YTD $ 5,819 3.4%

Portfolio II

Value 31 Dec 2008 $143,294
Value 30 Apr 2009 $146,502
UP YTD $ 3,208 2.2%

Portfolio III

Value 31 Dec 2008 $163,563
Value 30 Apr 2009 $165,193
Up YTD $ 0.9%
Thank you, Jeffchristie.

It's worth noting that in March, just days before the S&P 500 Index hit its low of 677, Brinker said he believed a lengthy "new bottoming process" would be necessary to put an "end to the bear market."

After the market rallied to the mid-800's in April, Brinker began saying to "buy on weakness" (but he did not say what levels he considered "weakness"). The S&P closed at 907 today.

Memo to DanG: As you know, I was wishing for a photo of you in your thong, but instead I got this in the mail this morning. "Rumor has it that in a former life, this is the way you looked each morning." 8^)


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