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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bob Brinker's Bear Market Buy Signals

Bob Brinker's Model Portfolios have been fully invested since March, 2003...BUT:

Bob Brinker issued these all-new-money-in buy-levels in 2008. He called each one "attractive for purchase":

  1. Mid-1400's (first issued August, 2007)
  2. Low-1300's
  3. 1240 or less
  4. Low-to-mid 1200's

September 16th, Brinker rescinded all of those buy signals and now recommends dollar-cost-averaging for new stock market money.

SeaBiscuit's Humor:

Endless bear

One more whammy

Bobby's shouting

For his mommy!

Brinker Shave

Jeffchristie sent these pictures of his car. Gorgeous! I'm sure even more-so in real life. 8)

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