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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Memorial for a Very Special Cat: My Dolly

March 4, 2011....At 5:30 this evening, Dolly had a final attack of kitty asthma that has been somewhat controlled with medication for several months now. I'm grateful that the vet could give me those extra months with her, but that doesn't ease the pain when the time comes to say good-bye to a cherished pet that has been a close friend for 13 years.

The word that describes Dolly best is "sweet." She always wanted to be held, cuddled and petted. And she returned affection by giving "nose kisses" and reaching out to hold "hands" with me.

Dolly never meowed out loud. She made the motion of meowing, but you had to be looking at her to know it. The only sound she ever made was when her brother, Lama, played too rough and then she would scream like a wildcat and come running to me for protection.

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