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Monday, September 6, 2010

If Bob Brinker Wrote a Book, what would the title be?

September 6, 2010.....I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Labor Day weekend. Let's lighten things up with some fun tips for Bob Brinker while we enjoy our barbecues and drinks of choice.

1. Some Moneytalk listeners say they are very tired of Brinker constantly having guests on who talk about what caused the financial meltdown of 2008-2009. Here are FrankJ's suggestions for Mr. Brinker:

Frankj sez:

I didn't listen to the interview with the author on Sunday, but I for one am getting tired of these Wall Street books, so here are some suggestions for third hour guests along with topics:

1) Rod Blagoevich: The Role of State Government in Senate Appointments.

2) Charlie Rangel: The Importance of Accurate Personal Financial Disclosure Statements.

3) Chris Dodd: How You Can Get the Best Possible Mortgage.

4) Tim Geithner: Does the Federal Income Tax Code Need Simplification?

5) Eddie Bernice Johnson: Where to Find Scholarship Money for Your Friends and Relatives.

2. It seems like Bob Brinker is almost retired now. Beginning June 6th, Moneytalk is broadcast on Sundays only, but since then Brinker has only worked 2 out of every 3 Sundays. Here's how his schedule looks:
June 6th: Bob Brinker
June 13th: Neale Godfrey
June 20th: Bob Brinker
June 27th: Bob Brinker
July 4th: Lynn Jimenez
July 11th: Bob Brinker
July 18th: Bob Brinker
July 25th: Lynn Jimenez
August 1st: Bob Brinker
August 8th: Bob Brinker
August 15th: Lynn Jimenez
August 22nd: Bob Brinker
August 29th: Bob Brinker
September 5th: Lynn Jimenez
So perhaps in his spare time, Brinker will want to write a book or publish some articles. If so, here are some title suggestions that he might use:
Blogger jeffchristie said...

TFB noted:

"No wonder Larry Swedroe's writing is published. Has anybody ever seen a published article by Bob Brinker? And what would he write about?"

How about these potential book titles?

- TIPS and I bonds for Dummies

- How to come up with the money to put that young sprout through college

- How the repeal of Glass Steagall led to the 2008 financial crisis

- The Princess of Wink

- How to deal with criticism at your website

- Guide to the purchase of Las Vegas real estate

- How to write a newsletter for fun and profit

- Finding a business that even your idiot son can run

- A guide to government insured CD's and GINNIE MAE's

How to convert dollars to pennies through Market Timing, by Bob Brinker.

Blogger Jim said...

That was a great post Jeffchristie!

I also thought of one he could write. He could base my book on both his QQQQ trade and his buy signal in 2003.

The title of the book would be:

"How to invest money you already lost."

3. Regarding Bob Brinker's on again-off again-on again secular bear market trends, here is an interpretation of Brinker-speak:
"So in essence: it is not that I was wrong per sey, it is just that I thought a bear was a bull and I told you to buy when you should have sold, anyone can make a simple mistake like that.

And we make all such forecast in my monthly newletter: Da Brink's Market Follies."


Blogger Honeybee said...

Here is my suggestion for a Bob Brinker best-selling book:

"Bob Brinker's Land of Critical Mass: How to Turn it into the Land of Critical Mess - For Dummies"

Or, Perhaps Mr. Brinker could write a real tear-jerker drama and it could be made into a movie:

"The Final Voyage of the Spaceship Moneytalk and How daBrink Beamed to the Golf Course"

[Some have sent more great book titles. Read them here]:

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