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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bob Brinker's 2010 Model Portfolio Performance

Bob Brinker has been gone from Moneytalk for a couple of weeks now as the month of May (YIKES) drew to a close. In the January, 2010 issue of Marketimer, Bob Brinker returned to reporting on his "stock market timing model." Brinker had completely stopped writing about his timing model in Marketimer during the 2008-2009 megabear market.

This is the same "timing model" that Brinker once admitted to a caller had completely missed the 2008-2009 megabear market. Now he is saying that this timing model is "currently positive," and our stock market views are favorable ".....based solely on our cyclical stock market view." Why believe the timing model now? Brinker does -- you decide if you want to or not.

Now about 2010: Since the market decline that began a few weeks ago, Brinker has claimed that the market was just having a "correction" and the bad news bears are all wrong. (Please see excerpts from Moneytalk in prior posts.)

In May, both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq were off 8% --their worst May since 2000. For the Dow, it was the worst May in percentage terms since 1940, and it was the Dow's worst May ever, measured by points. However, in general, the stock market is close to where it began the year. So what did all of Brinker's "market-timing" do for him and his subscribers? Inquiring minds want to know. 8)

Bob Brinker's model portfolios performance year-to-date, as of May 31, 2010:

* Model Portfolio I: Minus 0.8%

* Model Portfolio II: Minus 1%

* Model Portfolio III (balanced, about 50% bonds): Plus 0.7%

Dixiegeezer photographed this picture of a "honeybee" 8)


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