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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!!

BloggerChristmas Lights Gone Wild

jeffchristie said...

Throughout the years Bob Brinker has received Christmas cards from people he has helped. Here are just some of them.

1. In the 60's he got a cards from Ho Chi Minh and Jane Fonda thanking him for his outspoken opposition to American involvement in the Viet Nam war. They gave him a bumper sticker that read "Support our troops. GO NVA".

2. A card from George W Bush in 2003 thanking Bob for his enthusiastic support of the Iraq war.

3. A card from Cindy Sheehan thanking Bob for his opposition to Bush and the Iraq war in 2008.

4. Cards from Barney Frank and Chris Dodd thanking Bob for down playing the role that they had in the demise of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and placing the blame for the entire financial crisis on Phil Graham and Bill Clinton for repealing the Glass Steagall act.

5. A card from former treasury secretary Robert Rubin thanking Bob for not mentioning the role he played in brokering the merger of Travelers and Citicorp. And also for not talking about the pay off he received being named vice-chairman of Citicorp after he left the Treasury.

6. A card from Al Gore thanking Bob for being a willing accomplice (or was it a useful idiot) in promoting the global warming movement.

7. A card from Sen. John Kerry thanking Bob for having Zoqby as his guest the weekend before the 2004 presidential election. Zogby predicted a Kerry victory right here on Moneytalk.

8. A card from Zogby in 2008 thanking Bob for having him back on Moneytalk in spite of the fact that he completely blew the 2004 election.

9. A card from Tim Geitner this year thanking Bob for recommending I-bonds to his listeners and subscribers. This allowed the US to borrow millions of dollars interest free for the last six months.

10. A card this year from the head of OPEC thanking Bob for saying that there is no inflation while the price of a barrel of crude oil has nearly doubled in the last 12 months.

11 A card from the fund manager of the Vanguard Ginne Mae fund thanking Bob for all the business he sent his way.

12. A card from ACORN thanking Bob for have Lynn Jimenez as a guest host. She recommended their services to a caller.

December 25, 2009 7:08 AM


For those who are trying to figure out what they would like to give to Bob Brinker for Christmas, here is a nice list that many have compiled for you:

Jeffchristie sent this comprehensive and totally suitable 8^) list of his own:

Here are my top 10 ideas for Christmas gifts to Bob Brinker.

1. A carton of cigarettes (Non filtered).

2. A box of cigars.

3. A subscription to the Limbaugh letter and Rush 24/7.

4. An autographed copy of Sarah Paylin's book (Going Rogue).

5. A copy of Jim Cramers latest Book (Getting back to even).

6. A don't blame me. I voted for Ron Paul T-shirt.

7. Hire Elaine Garzarelli to fill in the next time Bob wants to take the weekend off.

8. A replica of Bernie Madoff's Mets Jacket.

9. An autographed photo of George W. Bush.

10 One of the pens Bill Clinton used to sign the repeal of the Glass Steagall act.

Merry Christmas to all.

PS. I am sure Mr. Pig would feel that "A lump of coal" is too good of a brew to waste on Brinker as a Christmas gift.

December 24, 2009 5:59 AM

DanG: New Crystal Ball

Honey: New Timing Model (the old one evaporated in October 2008).

East Coast:

A new real estate broker in Las Vegas

Interesting guests for the last hour who will not contradict his ideas

Guest hosts who will give qualified advice

Guest hosts who will not contradict Brinker's ideas

How about a "gift horse buying opportunity" when cash is actually held on the sidelines!

Frank J: Crystal ball, Ouija board, dice, a coin to flip for yes/no decisions, a couple of new independent variables for the timing model.

Mr Pig (possibles): A clue (Santa notice: not coal)

Digital camera (need current picture, not one from the 80's. Please wear clown outfit.)


How about a company stock plan that doesn't go bankrupt making your shares and options worthless?

Honey here:

Mr. Pig pointed out that Santa may need assistance so that he can tell which Bob Brinker he is giving gifts to, so I would like to tell Santa to bring (the Jr) Bob Brinker a pair of round-nosed children scissors. Jr might want to cut the apron strings sometime before he's fifty -- which is coming very soon. Just kidding, Bob Jr. err, I mean Bob Brinker....Merry Christmas! 8^)

The always helpful Mr. Pig, found this very apropos Moneytalk Tree:

BobR spotted a couple of Santa's deer resting up in a secret location for the arrival of the big evening tomorrow.

While these beauties may not be part of Santa's actual reindeer team, word has it they are valued assistants in charge of seeing that Rudolph's nose is shining brightly and that Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen are all brushed down, horns polished, and ready to fly.


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