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Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12-13, 2009, Bob Brinker's Moneytalk: Summary, Excerpts and Commentary

Bob Brinker's Moneytalk was on this weekend, but Bob Brinker was not live on the air.

All of Brinker's monologues this weekend were pre-recorded segments based on subjects he has previously discussed on other programs. The calls were spliced together from other programs -- carefully selected for their esoteric nature. At no time was there any announcement that this was not a live program.

David Korn, long-time Brinker historian, says this is not unprecedented. In his newsletter, David Korn commented:
"This weekend's Moneytalk Broadcasts were not live shows. Bob was the host, but what he did was basically use calls from previous shows that I covered in recent newsletters. This isn't unprecedented. The stuff this weekend was generic non-time sensitive stuff really such that if you were a casual listener, you might not realize it. Bob did this proably two-three times in the last decade I have been tracking him. In the ast, he has always returned live the following week usually with excellent broadcasts...."
Saturday, Brinker replayed his September 19, 2009 guest-speaker interview:

Sunday, Brinker replayed his October 20, 2009 Micheline Maynard interview: "The Selling of the American Economy: How Foreign Companies are Remaking the American Dream." I posted David Korn's summary of that interview. Here is the [LINK]

Honey's Market Report, December 12, 2009:

* Dow closed at 10,471.50 -- another gain of 0.8% for the week.
* Nasdaq Composite Index closed at 2190.31 -- losing 0.55% for the week.
* S&P 500 Index closed at 1106.41, a gain of 0.1% for the week.
* Gold closed at $1120.
* Light Crude: $69.56
* U.S. Dollar (Marketwatch): The dollar index (DXY 76.57, +0.53, +0.69%) , a measure of the U.S. currency against a trade-weighted basket of rivals, rose to 76.572, up from 75.996 on Thursday. It earlier touched 76.726, the highest on a closing basis since early October.
* Treasury Bond rates, TIPS, munis [LINK],
* Fed Funds, Mortgage, CD rates [LINK]
* Daily Treasury Statement [LINK]

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My Idaho sister-in-law shows how global warming is affecting them in Idaho. LOL Click to enlarge. They are quite beautiful:

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