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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog Fun Time: A Brinker-Bond Thriller

Friday Morning update: Blogger Bill has added a whole new episode based on Jim's title "Timers are Forever." Read it in the Comments Section [LINK]

Posted October 8, 2009.... James Bond captures Bob Brinker after intercontinental, high-speed chase.

Pen-name, Basherfive_two wrote this Bond-Brinker fairy tale. To truly appreciate how funny it is, you have to be up-to-date on all of the latest Brinker jargon.

That would include Brinker's talk about his fuel-efficient car, where he worked in London and New York, his love for Bill Gates and his hatred for Maddoff. Also the Credit Suisse involvement in the Lake Las Vegas bankruptcy where Brinker owns a condo.

Basherfive_two wrote:

"The new James Bond movie will be called Marketimer heist.

Bond gets word that the Brinkers are planning a cyber-heist to transfer all the money from the bank on England to their secret account in Switzerland. He tracks them down to a hidden computer center in the basement of the Guardian Royal exchange in London.

As the Brinker's see Bond approaching in his Aston Martin they jump into their Prius and a low speed chase begins in downtown London at rush hour. As Bond closes in, he is stopped by officials to pay the congestion fee.

Since the Brinkers are fleeing in a pollution free vehicle they are allowed to pass and now have a modest lead. Bond closes in on them right after they get on the M5. The slow run through London traffic takes its toll and Bond runs out of gas. The Brinker get away since they are in a fuel efficient vehicle. Jr. asks Bob Sr. if we have enough gas to make Zurich. Bob says yes.

When the Brinkers get to Zurich they transfer their ill gotten gains to their account at the Bank of New York. While there they drain all of the money at Credit Suisse and move it to their account in New York.

With Bond close behind they board a plane bound for New York. When they get there Bob Sr. sees his picture on the cover of Forbes. e has replaced Bill Gates as number 1 on the fortune 500 list. He tells Jr. I finally have the recognition I deserve from the financial media.

The Brinkers decide to head for their secret hideout in Henderson Nevada. When they get to the Las Vegas airport they rent a Prius. Bond is close behind. The money they drained from Credit Suisse has caused the development where their secret hideout is located to go bankrupt.

A freak early snow storm has made the road impassable. The Prius gets stuck in the snow because the bankruptcy has left no money for snow removal. Bond arrives and captures the Brinkers.

As the movie ends Bob Sr. is introducing himself to is new roommate Bernie Madoff."

Honey here:
The only thing that I would add is that they were captured while taking a mulligan at one of the closed golf courses in Lake Las Vegas.

Here are some excerpts from the comments section [LINK] about other Brinker-Bond Thrillers:

*"Frankj here:

We can have some fun with this...

Most Bond movies have a scene where Bond is captured by the villians and tortured. Maybe the snowstorm creates an opportunity for Jr. and Sr. to ambush Bond and force him to listen to tapes of Moneytalk programs, edited down to calls on GNMAs."

*Kirk Lindstrom added his own brand of diabolical Brinker-torture.

Blogger Pig said...

"Torture is listening to (or reading) Brinker and/or Brinker, and finding out after 6 hours that neither has a clue........" (Sign up for Sir Pig's free advice.)

* Jim suggested two possible episodes:
".........Call the movie "Timers are Forever".

The second could be about Brinker and his current love of gold. Brinker could try to break into Fort Knox. Call the movie "Goldbrinker"."
DeleteTom T said...

And how about the movie where Brinker renames his monthly rag "For Suckers' Eyes Only"

Honey here: My favorite James Bond is this sexy guy at 6'3"...and Pierce Brosnan a close second at 6'2". [LINK]


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