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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What is Behind Bob Brinker's Political Punditry?

June 30, 2009.....On Moneytalk, Bob Brinker isn't bashful about expressing his political viewpoints. Some may wonder how Bob Brinker formed his political perspectives. Long-time Brinker-historian ruminates about how Brinker became who he is on Moneytalk and how he formed his political opinions:
Deletenewslettercheat said:

"I am not even mildly surprised that Brinker shows himself to be an out an out liberal tout. Now granted he is an opportunist that is quick to criticize anyone in power and his Napoleon complex is alive and well.

My personal guess and it is only that is that he was a draft dodging war protesting hippie during the Viet Nam era and like many of the liberal elite aka Obama's friends in Chicago like William Ayers and Bernadette Dorn he has an anti establishment liberal bias.

He was so proud of that long hairdo and his pic from the 70s that he used it until just 3 years ago--strange for a man covered by Medicare.

At any rate he is a liberal no doubt in my mind.

And now that he has shown himself to be a totally incompetent loser as a Marketimer to anyone silly enough to pay him 185 bucka a year--Hulbert and his "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" notwithstand.

So he is trying to become an Obama liberal to attract the goobers and geezers who are buying the pig swill that is Cap and Trade to replace those subscribers who are dropping subscriptions to his rag in massive numbers.

Who would subscribe to a MARKETIMING rag that was most bullish in Oct 2007 at 1560 and all the way down to 667? Only a clueless idiot would re-up.

So my take is that Brinker is Poed--trying to confuse listeners. I understand that he took a call in which the caller or shill thanked Bob Brinker for recommending that he move from equities to Ginny Maes in 2007 at the top. Obviously if true, Brinker simply either lied by omission or set up this shill of a caller. BRinker did nothing of the kind.

Don't forget according to reports, if true, the fixed income rag of the Brinker family underperformed the simply Vanguard index by a wide margin. How can you underperform a fixed income bench mark by double digits or near that without screaming "WHY SUBSCRIBE TO THIS RAG?"

So my guess is that Brinker is going back to his roots to try to get the liberal leaning Obama crowd to send him 185 bucks cause they like his politics. If your marketiming sucks--perhaps some political syncophants will throw you a bone. But 185 bucks for a marketiming rag that has been terribly wrong? I think that is a stretch.

Alas it is fun to watch"


"It is beyond amazing to me that anyone listens to Brinker for anything other than entertainment these days.

As we know Brinker could not have been more wrong on his prediction of this stock market and this economy from the high of 1565 to the low of 600 something. He was an absolute IDIOT simply yammering and hoping the market would bail him hout.

As further example he felt he was confined by claiming we were in a secular bear market and in the most bizzare (and telling) exercise ever of a market "seer" chose to claim it ended on June 13, 2006--but that claim a year after that date with NO EXPLANATION buried in a monthly rag shows you the guy's game .

And it wasn't long until he was gung ho bullish at S&P 1565 and all the way down to 660 on the S&P with too many "go all in" buy calls to count. How totally silly. For anyone taking that krap seriously; they were harmed.

Brinker has claimed that there was no problem with Califoria general obligation bonds---until he hedged. For years on end he claimed there were no worries about buying california munis--and as further proof bragged about his holdings in the state that never met a cause they would not fund. Now more recently he has hedged his guarantee to listeners and subscribers claiming his California GOs are "different" and "prerefunded". He repeated that again this weekend after there were major news reports that the federal government was reluctant to guarnatee California's debt because it would provide a precendent for other unwise fiscal state governments.

It's typical Brinker--like he claimed recently how smart he was for being bullish while George Soros was bearish--not admitting his more than 50% loss.

In this case Brinker added a qualifier to what GOs one should OWN in the California GO market that he did not until recently.

Along with this BS about children not having a lobby is the reason they don't recieve healthcare monies similar to the elderly of our nation--should tell anyone with a brain that the guy is a scamster--worse even than politicians in his zeal to flip flop and try to convince people he knows what he is doing.

Only liberal activists capable of believing that only if we spend more money than we have by a factor of 10 to cure our economic problems can buy into Brinker's gobbly gook. They are out there. And then of course there is the totally clueless.

June 28, 2009 3:50 PM__posted by Newslettercheat [LINK]

My daughter took this picture on a recent camping/hiking trip to Frazier Flats near Sonora, California:

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