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Friday, June 5, 2009

Bob Brinker Shouted "Go All In" All the Way Down Mega-Bear Except at the Bottom

Does Bob Brinker sell a "tout sheet?" His market-timing is wrong more than a coin flip. A man who knows Brinker's history quite well wrote:

DeleteNewslettercheat said...

Odd, you have an old guy, Bob Brinker selling a rag claiming to use his uncanny ability to know when to be in the market and when to be out of the market, as is evident in the title "Marketimer", who let's face it--SCREWED UP AS BAD AS ONE COULD in the last bear market---and apologists here [LINK] claiming he did just fine.

A marketimer that not only misses the worst bear market since the great depression but SHOUTED at many intervals "GO ALL IN. I AM BULLISH". "The bears are false prophets and cassandras"--Bob Brinker proudly proclaimed with the market in the 1400s while blaming those bears for ruining people's portfolios by scaring them out of the great bull market Brinker claimed to be in.

As reported many times, Brinker continued his bullish or bull**** touting of the stock market all the way down until it fell under his 850 "GO ALL IN" buy and then said to wait --a few days before the market took off from the 600s. So he was clueless from 1565 all the way down to 670s. Anyone paying Bob Brinker for marketiming advice was advised that we were in an ongoing bull market. Can't be any more wrong with the timing than that. Yet the apologist here and over the internet that is so active and often so nasty, seems to claim that paying this guy for this advice that couldn't have been more wrong --impossible to have been more wrong--makes sense. Now unless you were benefitting from sales of this "marketiming" rag; how on earth could you ever explain this active apologist?

It is as crazy as a patron of a racetrack trying to convince you of the great worth of a tout sheet that has been absolutely wrong, doing worse than a coin flip and making all sorts of alibis why this tout sheet has been wrong but you should buy it anyway. The only reasonable conclusion is that the person so anxious to alibi for the terrible performance and encourage you to keep purchasing the worthless rag at the track--was getting paid to do so.

Pretty simple stuff, to quote Ross Perot-the original Big Ears.

June 5, 2009 5:38 AM___Newslettercheat [LINK]


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