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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bob Brinker Advisor for Penny Stock

Lately, Bob Brinker has talked about how Citigroup, AIG, FNMA and several others have turned into penny stocks. He said the usual definition of a penny stock is one that is under $5. "Strangely," Brinker has never mentioned the company that he is affiliated with that manages portfolios for a fee. He often advertises the services of this company in Marketimer.

"Joefromspringfield" wrote this note to Bob Brinker:

HI Bob

Thanks for taking my call. I am thinking about going into a managed account. It is managed by America's most trusted financial advisor. This is it.

What worries me Bob is the management company. It is a penny stock.

Honeybee here:

GNW closed at $1.09 today!

This is what Brinker says on his website:

"Bob Brinker has partnered with Genworth Financial Asset Management to offer a personalized and professional money management service. Dollar cost averaging strategies are also available for those investors who want to minimize entry point risk. The account minimum size is $100,000. A financial agreement exists with GFAM for services, including referrals. Please refer to Schedule H for details."

Bob Brinker's relationship with GFAM here (link):

"Bob Brinker is a rare breed in the investment field. An independent strategist with more than 25 years of experience, he makes bold pronouncements. He isn't beholden to Wall Street.

In 2000, when a chorus of Wall Street analysts and strategists were singing the praises of a "new era" and a "new economy," he advised clients to raise 60% cash. In March 2003, just prior to the Iraq war, his asset allocation model called for a fully invested position in the market.

Of course, you know him from his radio show, MoneyTalk, which has been informing and entertaining weekend listeners for more than 20 years. You also may know about his monthly newsletter, "Marketimer," which focuses on asset allocation and regularly receives top ratings for accuracy.

We at Genworth Financial Asset Management, Inc. ("GFAM") have an exclusive relationship with Bob to offer one of the nation’s leading tactical asset allocation strategies. Founded in 1986 and acquired by GFAM in 2000, BJ Group Services offers customized investment solutions tailored to meet clients' personal objectives. Long considered an expert in identifying market trends through his proprietary Marketimer model, Bob recommends asset allocation and fund selection for GFAM's management of accounts for the BJ Group advisory services.

Our experienced professionals work to implement Bob's investment strategy utilizing his proprietary tactical asset allocation model. Understanding that cycles exist in the stock market, our goal is to participate in market gains during a rising market and preserve capital during market declines."


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