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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brinker's Latest Buy Signal

Bob Brinker announced a special bulletin for subscribers at his website on January 15, 2009. (Note that the instructions in this bulletin would only benefit anyone who has new money to invest because Brinker has not advised raising cash reserves since he returned to a fully invested position in March 2003.)

A caller asked Brinker about this bulletin Saturday, January 31, 2009:

“Hello Bob. I got your special bulletin about your buy, you are positive on the stock market right now. Is that true?"

Bob Brinker answered:
“Uhhhh… says what it says, Tom. There hasn’t been any change in it. It was published on the website on 15th of January, and it’s still there for subscriber access and there has been no change to the content of that message…..1-800-xxx-xxxx…."

Some may find encouragement in knowing that in the February 4, 2009 Marketimer, Bob Brinker reiterated what he said in the bulletin. He said that he regarded the S&P 500 Index "low-to-mid 800's" as "attractive for purchase." He continues to believe that the "bottom of the entire bear market" is S&P 750 to 850, and he "expects calendar year 2009 to be a significant positive year for the stock market."

Our blog analyst, Jeffchristie, has compiled Bob Brinker's model portfolio numbers for the month of January:
Blogger jeffchristie said...

The January numbers are in at Bob

Portfolio I

Value 31 Dec 2008 $171,451
Value 31 Jan 20009 $157,451
Down YTD $ 13,702 (8.0%)

Portfolio II

Value 31 Dec 2008 $143,294
Value 31 Jan 2009 $132,439
Down YTD $ 10,855 (7.6%)

Portfolio III

Value 31 Dec 2008 $163,563
Value 31 Jan 2009 $156,228
Down YTD $ 6,335 (3.9%)

February 4, 2009 8:49 AM

Here are Brinker's model portfolio numbers for year-2008:

Model Portfolio I = down 39.7%
Model Portfolio II = down 37.4%
Model Portfolio III = down 23.9%
Total Market Index = down 37%

Pig sent this to me this morning. Let's hope Da Brink is better at finding the bear-bottom than this "big time deer hunter." 8^)



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