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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Brinker's Marketimer out of Hulbert's Top-5 Newsletter Performers

Bob Brinker's Marketimer is not listed in the November 2008 issue of Hulbert's Financial Digest "Top 5 Performers Through 10/31/2008" (of all newsletters that Mark Hulbert ranks) in any of Mark Hulbert's time-frames: 25 years; 20 years; 15 years; 10 years or 5 years.

In Hulbert's ranking for "mutual fund letters" only, Marketimer is not in the top-5 for the 5-year time frame -- "risk adjusted" or "not risk-adjusted."

Josie said: "Thanks for your replies. I have a question, in the December newsletter, page 2 paragraph 4, I understood that to mean the closing lows of Nov 20th would not be exceeded. Am I reading that wrong?"

Honeybee answered:

Josie, On the page that you cited, Brinker said: "Our expectation is that the gap between the DJIA and its 200-day moving average will narrow going forward, and that it will not exceed the 34% level during any further testing of the area of the closing lows that may occur."

However, please note that he is still looking for a new "buy recommendation." When he finds that "buy recommendation," THAT will be his market bottom. In the meantime, he is still recommending dollar-cost-averaging new money into the market.

But Josie, please do not forget that all of Brinker's bottom calls and "buy recommendations" are much adieu about NOTHING! He has not raised ANY CASH RESERVES since August 2000. In March 2003, he returned to 100% invested in his portfolios and has now given back most of the interim profits.

Long-time, Bob Brinker historian and commentator:

Will_L said...

How silly can a subscriber be to buy into the hooey that Bob Brinker is out there "looking for a bottom" when he candidly said he had no idea how this bear market came about.

If you didn't understand that the market was more affected by the financial collapse and instead as Brinker idiotically claimed that the only thing stopping the market was the price of oil--was about 3 times what it is now 4 months later--then you are bound to trust Brinker yet again and be screwed.

I do believe that folks are brighter than that and the turning over of even some of the most diehard supporters tells me I am correct. The game is over and will require a new crop of goobers and geezers. I can't believe any of of the long term champions without a stake in Brinker's livelihood are going to pay him 185 bucks to look for his bottom that he admitted not understanding where it went! :) Will's original post

Kirk Lindstrom took this picture through the glass in his kitchen window with his new Nikon D60 camera that he bought on Black Friday to help the economy. 8-)

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