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Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Hasn't Bob Brinker Updated Portfolio Numbers?

November 7, 2008

Why hasn't "Bob Brinker's Marketimer, Leading you to the Land of Critical Mass" Website been updated to reflect the October 2008 Model Portfolio "dollar values" yet?

Brinker's website has always shown updated "dollar values" for the previous month at the beginning of the new month -- about the same time that the new Marketimer is issued.

Here are the September numbers that are still showing on right now:

Portfolio Dollar Value
on 9/30/2008
Portfolio I
($20,000 value on 1-1-88)
$224,888 1,024%
Portfolio II
($20,000 value on 1-1-88)
$185,886 829%
Portfolio III
($40,000 value on 3-1-90)
(this portfolio has a 50% fixed-income allocation)
$188,530 371%

The numbers for October aren't pretty, so it's understandable that Brinker might not be in any hurry to post them on his website for all to see.

Model Portfolio I: October 2007 ATH = $302,561
NOW = $182,806

Model Portfolio II: October 2007 ATH = $241,994
NOW = $151,632

Model Portfolio III: October 2007 ATH = $219,263
NOW = $164,891

Is Brinker planning to cover up the fact that he rode this 45%+ bear market all the way down with his Model Portfolios 100% invested? There is no way that he can keep this "off the books" like he did the QQQQ-trades, but I suppose he could start over with new portfolios.

Pen-name, "Drafted" wonders if Brinker might eliminate the numbers altogether on his website. Well that would be one way to hide them:
drafted said...

Has anyone noticed that Bob has not updated his webpage information for his Portfolio 1,2 & 3 valuation for October results yet?

In two more months he will have to update his webpage for his results for the 1, 3 and 5 year time frame results and they are going to look very ugly for him.

I bet Bob will somehow redesign the webpage to excude that information

Maybe "someone" needs to get his "ducks in a row." 8-)


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