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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bob Brinker's October 31, 2008 Portfolio Values

Bob Brinker's "Marketimer's Land of Critical Mass" website has now updated the numbers for Model Portfolios I, II, and III. (Some, including myself, recently wondered why the delay.)

Portfolio Dollar Value
on 10/31/2008
Portfolio I
($20,000 value on 1-1-88)
$182,806 814%
Portfolio II
($20,000 value on 1-1-88)
$151,632 658%
Portfolio III
($40,000 value on 3-1-90)
(this portfolio has a 50% fixed-income allocation)
$164,891 312%

Brinker goes back to 1988 to track Portfolio I and II, and 1990 for Portfolio III. But as Princepro110 suggests, it's very likely that many started following the Portfolios in more recent years.

princepro110 said...


Most of the "Brinkettes" did not start with Bob in 1988 with his 20K starting point. I would love to see a breakdown of a starting point in say January1:







I wonder what 20K starting in each portfolio in those years would be worth now? Good project for someone on the good ship Beehive!

November 8, 2008 9:51 AM

Our analyst friend, Jeffchristie, did some research for us and came up with the numbers for subscribers who began following Brinker's Model Portfolio I in the past five years:

"On Brinker's website he starts with $20,000 invested in 1988. If a new person started following Brinker at the start of the year for the last five years here is what their results would be as of 31 Oct 2008 .

$20,000 invested 1 Jan 2004 is worth $19,762

$20,000 invested 1 Jan 2005 is worth $17,419

$20,000 invested 1 Jan 2006 is worth $16,375

$20,000 invested 1 Jan 2007 is worth $14,060

$20,000 invested 1 Jan 2008 is worth $12,879


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