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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Honeybee Comments on Bob Brinker's Moneytalk 9/21/08

Today, Bob Brinker used his program as a political soapbox. There was no stock market talk. (Brinker has not changed his stance on the market. He's fully invested. Although, he may have made a minor capitulation last week when he sent out a bulletin dropping his last buy signal.)

Warning, this is not going to be one of my usual objective Summaries. This is largely going to be my own opinion about today's program. However, unlike Brinker, I will allow other opinions to be expressed if anyone cares to send them.

First let me say that I have no problem with anyone having a political program and preaching their own viewpoints -- on either side of the aisle. I listen to political talk-show hosts all the time, but they are all up front about their agendas, and don't try to deceive listeners into thinking they don't have agendas.

I have a real problem with someone who claims to be a "professional" stock market timer/financial adviser but uses his "Moneytalk" program to promote his own politics while flying under the radar of so-called objectivity and "independence."

Today, it often sounded like Bob Brinker was on the edge of completely losing control of himself. He literally raved at and shouted down more than one caller because they gave opinions that Brinker did not agree with.

Brinker has a record of cruelly attacking powerful women which goes back many years -- as far back as the late 1990's when he demeaned Abby Joseph Cohen, Elaine Garzarelli and others. More recently, he repeatedly ridiculed Hillary Clinton, and used her name in such a way as to demean her.

A bit of history here: For several years, Bob Brinker used an alias on a message board to post "anonymously." Originally he used the pen-name "donlane," but years later, he changed that to "mistertopes" -- perhaps to confuse anyone doing a search for his posts.

For those who don't know, Elaine Garzarelli has a problem that causes her eye to involuntarily twitch. It must be very uncomfortable and embarrassing for her. Most people would feel sympathy. Here are two samples of what Brinker, writing as mistertopes, said:

From: mister topes Wednesday, Oct 29, 1997 10:33 PM

You have hit the nail on the head with your post. That is exactly
why Elaine is known worldwide as the Princess of Wink. She winks
at the camera as she gives her advice so as to tell the viewers
not to really pay any attention whatsoever to what she says
because she is completely clueless. She has proved that solidly
with her disastrous July 1996 Dow 5400 "sell everything" signal.
And she proved it again with her ridiculous October 24
advice that the market is in a range between 7000 and 8500.
Hey Elaine, I don't need you to tell me that. All I need to
is pick up any paper with a graph of the market and that is
what has already happened this year. Do you actually get paid
real money for making such inane and useless observations?

From: mister topes Friday, Oct 31, 1997 9:17 PM

It is said the secret code for the Princess of Wink is as follows:

If Her Winkness winks frequently she is telling you to totally
disregard everthing she is says because she is clueless.

If Her Winkness does not wink at all she is telling you to
take everything she says as seriously as her "sell everything"
signal at Dow 5400 in July 1996. Unfortunately for the
Princess of Wink, that marked the absolute bottom of the market
for 1996 making it the ultimate buypoint for smart investors,
but the ultimate stupid sellpoint for followers of the Her Winkness.
Elaine, you are truly amazing. Do you actually charge money for this?


Now back to today: Several times, Brinker hammered Sarah Palin insultingly and with half-truths. One time, after he was talking about her "inexperience," Brinker made himself sound like a complete "fool" when he said, "Let me tell you a problem that I have. I'm upset with the selection of the governor [Palin] because I, on Moneytalk, prior to the date of the selection, I recommended to John McCain right here on Moneytalk that he select Michael Bloomberg.........On day one, on day one, Michael Bloomberg could be president of the United States. It's a no-brainer. I gave the advice on Moneytalk prior to the convention. John McCain completely ignored it. So I'm not happy........."

So Bob, you are "unhappy" that the presidential candidate did not do as you demanded? With all "due" respect, what utter arrogance! McCain may listen to Rush Limbaugh, but I doubt he knows you exist. And after the way you keep twisting and repeating what he said about the economy, I doubt if he'd take your advice for anything. He would easily see what you're all about.

Brinker made a big deal about Sarah Palin and the Alaskan "Bridge to Nowhere." Well, it looks to me like Sarah Palin did have some involvement at the beginning, but after gathering all the facts, she CHANGED HER MIND and turned the money down.

What is so bad about that Bob Brinker? You have changed your mind about what is an "attractive for purchase" stock market buy level SIX TIMES THIS YEAR!

Here are the facts from USAtoday:

The Anchorage Daily News quoted her in October 2006 as saying she would continue state funding for the bridge. "The window is now, while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist," she said.

Asked why she supported the bridge, Palin's communications director Bill McAlister said, "It was never at the top of her priority list, and in fact the project isn't necessarily dead … there's still the potential for improved ferry service or even a bridge of a less costly design."

She changed her mind, he said, when "she saw that Alaska was being perceived as taking from the country and not giving, and that impression bothered her and she wants to change it. … I think that Sarah Palin is someone who has the courage to reevaluate situations as they developed."

In September 2007, Palin's office issued a new release saying the governor had "cancelled all state work on the Gravina Island bridge project, which gained national fame as a symbol of what critics said was wrong with federal budget earmarks."

"I think that's when the campaign for national office began," Ketchikan Mayor Bob Weinstein told the Anchorage Daily News on Saturday.

On Fox News Sunday, McCain touted Palin's opposition to the bridge.

"Yes, the pork barrel project, a $233 million bridge in Alaska to an island with 50 people on it," McCain said. "She, as governor, stood up and said, we don't need it, and if we need it, we'll pay for it ourselves. Now, that's guts. I saw that, and I said, this, this is what we need in Washington."

So Mr. Brinker, when are we going to hear your cute pejorative names for Barack Obama or Joe Biden? When are we going to hear about the things that Obama has "changed his mind" about? When are we going to hear about Obama's vast experience and his vast voting record and accomplishments?

After all, today I heard you say that you wouldn't want to sway anyone's vote.....What a "joker" you are, Bob.....


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