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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bob Brinker's Marketimer Hulbert Rankings

Bob Brinker bullish on stock market since March 2003. That is a bit over 5 years ago. Brinker has bragged many times on Moneytalk about his March 2003 timing call, and he has made no changes in his asset allocation since then.

Brinker likes to pick a time-frame from Hulbert's Financial Digest and advertise with it. Let's pick the 5 year time period and take a look at how Marketimer ranks against other newsletters in HFD.

Hulbert's provides rankings for two categories.

In one Hulbert category, he ranks all the newsletters that he "follows." Of course, he does not follow all newsletters. He calls that category "The Top 5 Performers Through 8/31/2008."

Hulbert calls the other category, "Performance Scoreboard for Mutual Fund Letters."

Looking at the 5-year time period in each of those categories, Brinker's newsletter does not make it into the top-5 for either "risk-adjusted" or "not risk-adjusted."

And that is in spite of the fact that Hulbert gives Brinker a complete mulligan on the QQQQ trades (actually using model portfolio cash reserves two times).

Additionally, Hulbert lumps together Brinker's three portfolios and averages them, even though one of Brinker's portfolios is 50% bonds.

SeaBiscuit's latest: 8~)

He was forecasting new highs

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Even as the financial debacle

Was in its early innings

Brinker Shave!

He was so full of it

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The financial unraveling

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