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Monday, September 29, 2008

Bob Brinker Sez Don't Sell Stocks

Bob Brinker's stock market recommendation as of two days ago was that it would be a "mistake" to sell stocks "right now." (See Summary below)

September 27, 2008, Brinker said: "I don't have a recommendation to sell stock right now. And if I did have a recommendation to sell stock right now, you would know about it."

Many would agree with that advice, but what a shame that Brinker did not recommend raising cash before the bear market began.

December 5, 2007 Marketimer (S&P 1481) Bob Brinker said:
“As is frequently the case, a number of stock market forecasters are claiming that the correction is the start of a bear market. We have heard the same claims during every correction since this bull market began in March of 2003. We continue to believe that a bear market (S&P Index decline in excess of 20%) is not on the radar screen at this time. We expect the bull market to continue at least well into 2008, and we look for significant stock market gains, including new S&P 500 record highs."


  • Dow declined 7% (10,365: lowest level since November 2005)

  • S&P 500 Index declined 8.79% (1106.42: biggest one-day point drop since 1987 -- lowest level since 2004)

  • Nasdaq declined 9.14% (1983.73: lowest level since 2006)

  • $Oil declined 10.12% ($96.07)

  • GLD rose 3.38% (89.57)

SeaBiscuit is always good for a smile, even on days like this:

"Stay invested!", he told 'em

"Down to your last cent" -

Even as the markets declined

By THIRTY per cent

Brinker Shave!


His portfolios blew up

It is very ghastly

Well, that's what you get

For kicking a grizzly

Brinker Shave!



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