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Friday, September 26, 2008

Bob Brinker is "Angry" Because No Fed Bailout Yet

Bob Brinker wrote an article titled, "I Am Angry" about the need for an immediate Fed bailout-- or so it appears.

I wasn't sure which Bob Brinker wrote the article, or even if he wrote the whole article because he gives no attribution other than "Bob Brinker."

So I took advantage of his invitation to post a comment on his website. I told him how much I enjoyed the article and that I wanted to cite it on my Blog. I asked him to clarify exactly who was the author since it isn't apparent from reading the article -- and I wanted to give proper attribution.

My comment to "Bob Brinker" was posted, but it only lasted a short while, then he deleted it without answering my question. This kind of rude censorship was standard-operating-procedure for the Brinker's now defunct message boards. If anyone asked questions the Brinker's didn't want to answer or if they didn't march to the Brinker "party line" they were rudely shut out -- much like Brinker does on Moneytalk via his call screener.

Here is what I posted on the younger Bob Brinker's website:
Hi Mr. Brinker,

I enjoyed your article: "I Am Angry." I would like to cite it at my Blog.

I see that you have added an "Editor's Note," which makes me wonder who wrote the article.

I want to be sure and use proper attribution. Did you write all of it?

(If I receive no answer to my question, I will attribute it to "Bob Brinker.")

Best Regards,

Why doesn't he want to answer my question? What are the Bob Brinker's hiding? Is the younger Bob Brinker signing his name exactly like the radio talk show host? Sure looks that way.

Of course, that's his name, but why wouldn't he want to clarify his identity somehow? It can't be that difficult -- most true "junior's" figure a way to do that. And I would think that since his father has radio-fame that he would be particularly careful not to be mistook for him. (Maybe he could use his middle initial which is different from the radio talk-show host's.)

In the article, Bob Brinker said: "I am angry. For the past year, our credit markets have been hanging on for dear life."

Brinker went on to explain that he doesn't like the bail-out plan, but he sees the need for immediate Fed action -- and that he's angry because it hasn't already been done so we can put all this behind us.

If Bob Brinker was aware that "our credit markets have been hanging on for dear life" for the past year, I wonder why he advised remaining 100% invested with equity allocations all this time.

Why did he then blame the market "situation" on the price of oil?

Why has he declared repeated market bottoms, just to have them taken out, too?

And most importantly, is he now going to use the "credit markets" to excuse the fact that his timing model was flashing for a roaring bull market in September, October, November, December 2007 and January 2008?

Perhaps he will have more to say about all this tomorrow on Moneytalk.

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