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Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011: Bob Brinker's Moneytalk: Summary, Commentary and Excerpts

March 6, 2011....Bob Brinker did not host Moneytalk today. Lynn Jimenez filled in for Bob Brinker. Lynn Jimenez works as a business reporter at KGO Radio 810.

This is the tenth week of the year and so far, Bob Brinker has been on the air a total of 7 days. It seems like since Moneytalk was cut to one day a week, Brinker's fill-in hosts are doing about 1/3 of the programs.
January 2, 2011: Neale Godfrey
February 6, 2011: Two hour program - third hour unannounced re-runs
February 13, 2011: Lynn Jimenez
March 6, 2011: Lynn Jimenez
I was in San Francisco today for an Orchid Show. Jeffchristie wrote a brief summary of Lynn Jimenez' program for us:

"Lynn was filling in for Bob Brinker today. She started out by cheerleading the improvement in the jobs market. Then said that the stock market was like a yoyo last week. The impact on oil from the trouble in Libya was mentioned along with the increase in price at the pump. She ended her monologue by saying the improvement in the economy was good news.

Ralph was the first caller. He said it was refreshing to hear her voice on the program. Ralph said he didn't see much improvement in the economy where he lived. Lynn responded by saying the figures were national and pockets of weakness remained in places.

Jim wanted to know if money he had at a credit union was properly insured. Lynn said that he was covered.

Jim in San Jose was next. He took issue with Lynn over the economy. We are printing too much money and jobs are going over seas.

Mark called from New Mexico. He was concerned about the increasing deficits and jobs going to China. Lynn said that wages were rising rapidly in china. She thinks the American economy has turned the corner.

Lynn's guest in the second hour was Ken Winans.

They talked about where to get financial information for ETF's and individual stocks. She finished by mentioning various books on investing. She did not note that there is a list of books at Bob Brinker's website.

Lynn's guest in the last hour was John Silvia the chief economist at Wells Fargo. They talked about the housing market. There are bargains out there but it is harder to get a loan today. John said it will still take several years to clear out the inventory of homes for sale.

A caller brought up the problem of foreclosures and the issue of who actually owns the property since the mortgage was resold several times. John said it will just take time to sort out. When they rent some of the foreclosed properties, it is a problem to figure out who gets the rent check.

Lynn ended by saying this is a fine mess that we have gotten into.

The National Debt:

[Honey EC: Great summary. Thank you so much Jeff! Based on your guidance, I listened to a few segments of the program. How amusing that Lynn summarized Ken Winan's stock market advice like this: "We've got it now. Focus, keep
things in context, take pundits with a grain of salt and learn a little history." Sounds good to me, Lynn. Especially the part about taking pundits with a grain of salt."]
PS: I have posted David Korn's stock market commentary from his newsletter in the comments section of this post.

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I took this picture at the Fort Mason Orchid show Sunday. Please click to enlarge:

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