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Monday, March 22, 2010

For All Those American Patriots Who Are Grieving Today

The author of this is a long time internet friend. I'm sure that many of you who are actually aware of the full extent of what happened to America yesterday (and how and why it happened), will agree with what "The Fluffy Bunny" wrote. I certainly do.

The Fluffy Bunny wrote:

"In 1776, the American Republic boldly announced its birth with the Declaration of Independence. In 2010, it quietly expired with a declaration of dependence --"

My son inherited a rich legacy on both sides of his family in terms of the Founding of this country.

A descendant of the passengers on the Angel Gabriel in 1635 both sides of his family helped build this nation.

That being said, he comes from a long line of fighters, men of action, men passionate and all too ready to die for their beliefs. The thing that saddens me the most, is there are no trumpets sounding, no Pickett's charge, no battle of Little Big Horn, no Alamo, no Battle of New Orleans, no charge up San Juan Hill no...we are denied that. We, us, my family is watching this great nation succumb to an insidious freedom destroying cancer, rotting out from within. There will be no battle to mark the passing of this country, no last heroic charge, America shining beacon of hope simply will grow dimmer an dimmer and this country succumbs as easily as an old man slipping in a warm bath.

Today, I actually shed a tear for my country. I remember as a child looking at my father’s scarred body from his service in WWII, the burns inflicted by heated bayonets, the scars as he was rolled up in barb wire that was then heated with a blow torch and now I wonder what exactly did he suffer so for? His sacrifice bought us what, 60 years? Better to die on the battlefield in glory then to let the flame of liberty be extinguished without a fight. Today I weep for my nation. It has faded into the night without so much as a whisper.

The fluffy bunny

March 22, 2010 12:29 PM [Originally posted here]



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